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Only the Best – APTCA Certified members merit the trust of consumers and have a MARKED ADVANTAGE over their competitors. ONLY certified APTCA professionals can display the APTCA Certified seal on their website and marketing materials.This Matters To Your Clients and Potential Clients! Members eligible for this prestigious endorsement represent the highest ethical and performance standards in the industry.Learn More Now

APTCA Member Advantage

ONLY as an APTCA member can you receive the much sought after APTCA Certification Seal PLUS the following highly valued benefits for members only.

Professional Level Benefits for Industry Leading Professionals

  • APTCA Certification for Ultimate Consumer Confidence
  • APTCA Education and Seminars
  • Greatly Discounted CE and CPE opportunities from key national partners
  • Recruitment and Training Programs to Grow Your Practice
  • National and Local Job and Growth Advertising at 60-90% Discounts
  • New Revenue Opportunities For Your Practice Open Only to Members
  • Leadership Development and Speaker Development Programs

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APTCA is All About Making Good Things Happen for Tax Professionals Like You

As an APTCA member, you are part of a thriving community of professionals. It is a community dedicated to mutual success and promotion – we are good for your practice and we are good for your community.

The APTCA provides a forum not only for growth but for expansion of profitability. We look for the unique  opportunity to benefit the member with ideas, education, benefits and offerings that benefit your clients as well.

There is benefit in professionalism – there is benefit in numbers… join the preeminent organization that is  working on the behalf of tax professionals day and night.

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Unparalleled Enrichment

The APTCA provides its members access to what many regard as the best, most effective and most accessible updates, education, legislative alerts and research in the industry. Just the research and consolidation of  pertinent news in one place is more than worth monthly what the modest membership dues are annually.

Save money, make more money and be better at what you are passionate about with the APTCA resources  working for you.

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Exposure & Promotion

Many people market SEO and social networking and a myriad of other solutions to you as the keys to your  practice getting exposure in the marketplace. The APTCA has garnered the resources of leading experts to make sure that what we do for our members in terms of local promotion works.

APTCA members enjoy the reflection of social media buzz at over 30 media sites and more effective strategies than any other organization in the industry that we know of. All as a part of membership.

APTCA members can take advantage of unique, member only promotions and marketing opportunities from leaders in the craft at discounts often exceeding 60%. No other organization has these relationships.

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Industry Updates

Time is money – particularly in the busy season. And information is the power to navigate the way through using time as efficiently as possible. Stay current, informed and effective with updates and breaking news made available only to members as it hits our transom.

Be sure that the APTCA has an ear to the ground locally and nationally – members have access 24/7 to our archives and incoming updates from all across the globe.

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Business Management

Choose from a huge collection of resources and products, everything from recruiting tools to seminars to CE and CPE offerings to course textbooks. There is help to engage your clients and manage your tax practice as efficiently as possible.

  • Compliance / Education Benefits
    • Significantly Discounted Tuition at the leading educational providers for NEW Preparers, Certification AND CE.
  • Automatic enrollment into the one of the best rapid training/update providers available. Members will receive up to the minute industry updates and webinars (most with CE) often FREE for APTCA members.
  • APTCA members receive greatly discounted opportunities to participate in a variety of business development and revenue development programs targeted at enhancing the profitability and operation of their practice.

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Huge Professional Discounts

Many businesses provide services of benefit to our professional community and have been kind enough to offer significant discounts for our members.

  • All of our members receive very significant discounts for education, CE and CPE courses that pertain to designation maintenance, certification and licenses. ADDITIONALLY, there are local, state affiliate and national conferences and telecasts that only our members get access to for free or at a significant discount.
  • Client Calculator For ObamaCare tax penalties, potential subsidies and premiums – Yours to access FREE when you join APTCA.
    • An interactive TOOL to calculate premium and penalty for your clients – the first and only working model we have found! (and it will let them signup for qualifying coverage on the spot or later to avoid the penalty as well!)
  • Free Prescription and Medical Services Discount Cards – No Cost To You or Your Clients. Discounts range up to 90% on prescription medications, and as much as 50% on Lab tests, MRI imaging and x-rays – and it maximizes benefit with OR without insurance coverage.
    • Members Only – These can be branded to your practice and passed on to your clients – they will USE these. MUCH better than a magnetic calendar and it is a benefit of the APTCA.
    • Even BETTER – if your client is an employer, there is no enrollment necessary and by distributing these FREE cards to employees, much of the drug experience (read “cost”) of the employer’s plan is moved off to this prepaid, free to use prescription plan – quite possibly lowering premiums for your client, sometimes significantly! You become a hero without an effort… it is great to be an APTCA member. (Members certainly use this for their OWN employer plans and employees as well!)
  • Practice Stabilization and Personal Wealth Management – Internationally renowned TIE Institute is working directly with APTCA members…
    • Revenue stabilization and expansion strategies that are designed for professionals
    • Opportunity to greatly enhance your off-season income
    • APTCA members only – the tuition discount – pays for 2 years member fees at APTCA.
    • The difference in the members end of year income can make this education and strategic, although asymmetrical, approach to revenue development… priceless.
  • Benefits and discounted services are constantly being researched and added based upon what works for the diversity of APTCA membership – even additional business opportunities can be found inside the APTCA membership areas.

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Posting just 2 job opportunities will pay for your APTCA membership. ANOTHER great benefit of being part of the APTCA!

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Exceptionalism is NOT Dead…Be Part of Making A Difference as part of the APTCA Family

  • Enhance Your Reputation Among Consumers As A Certified APTCA Member.
  • New Revenue Sources for APTCA Members
  • Reach More Clients and DO MORE for your Clients through APTCA Resources, Opportunities and Tools.
  • Simplified and Discounted CE/CPE for and by the Best in the Business.
  • APTCA Online Infomatics… real-time, real-life industry clues, news techniques and strategies to enhance your business and to protect your clients.
  • Critical Professional Opportunities and Discounts.
  • Career and Practice changing job opportunity & professional recruitment network. Change your life, your practice or create opportunity – and save $1,000’s doing it.
  • Real Life – Real-Time Tools to Help TODAY with ACA/ObamaCare Impact on your Clients. Means to get them covered and compliant without changing your practice or pursuing endless licenses or compliance hurdles.
  • Access to APTCA Member Life Insurance, Senior Health Solutions, Wealth Planning and Professional Bonding at very significant savings.

Grow Your Business

Even with regulatory change, economic turbulence and Health Reform that is confusing to all involved – You CAN stabilize and GROW your business! APTCA offers professionals opportunities to increase profitability! Social media and interaction with other professionals, seminars and alerts as well as CPE and CE at greatly discounted rates all keep members on the forefront of the industry. But it is the unique tools and benefits APTCA members receive that put them over the top. Learn More Now

Tax Professional Market Leader

APTCA is an organization dedicated 100% to tax and financial professionals and their success. We exist to enhance your expertise and credibility through unparalleled tax education, vital tax research, timely regulatory and legislative insights and services and information to support you in supporting your customer. APTCA membership runs the gamut of individual tax professionals, niche advisors, certified public accountants, attorneys, financial protection professionals and financial planners. Learn More Now

Making Good Things Happen

The American Professional Tax Consultants Association (APTCA) Is Making Good Things Happen For Tax and Financial Professionals. It’s Time To Quit Feeling Left Behind and Start Changing Lives… We are here to help you grow! At APTCA it is our objective to help you become the logical choice for clients in your community; we want to help you change lives in your community for good; we want the consumer to see what you do, experience how you help them, and to come to the conclusion that they would be absolutely foolish to go anywheretrust anyone else with the things that matter.Learn More Now

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When you're an APTCA member, you're part of a thriving community of professionals committed to growth, leadership and a bright future for American Consumers and Business Owners. We are not only on your side – we are defining new opportunities and an entirely new positive direction for professionals in our industry… a direction in which they can change lives and change communities.

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